Marang Festival 2018

Date: 5th August 2018
Where: Sagay City, Negros Occidental, , ,

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The "marang season" in the Philippines is amongst August and September. Obviously, the Filipino, being the happy individuals we are, praise this season in ious and brilliant ways.

In Brgy. Colonia Divina of Sagay City, Negros Occidental the organic product is made the focal point of fascination on its first Marang Yagangyang Festival. Amid the pinnacle season, the natural product is sold between Php 1.00 to Php 5.00 per piece just at the Sagay City proper. Expect to discover the marang organic product wherever at the Marang Yagangyang Festival. There are 15 stalls partook by the diverse "purok" or regions of the barangay where you can purchase marang and different natural products in season. The corners are enriched with indigenous materials, for example, sigay shell, skin of the marang foods grown from the ground leaves from pious harvests.


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